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limits over 25k, checkin!

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limits over 25k, checkin!



I would like to talk to forum members which personally have limits over 25k


Especially looking for people that opened that card after the recession, thanks! I'm curious about which issuer gave them that card and the story behind it, whether it is just solely your reported income or if its your long credit history or something else. I think these stories are interesting




I have one card which has a 24900 limit, because I did a 3x CLI from 8300

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

I've had my Amex plat balance reach 70k. Citi is 25k CL but is also a NPSL. I  doubt they would go that far above the 25k though. I wonder how many have exceeded 25k with NPSL cards such as siggys and worlds and by how much?

I have reestablished credit over the last couple years
so my moniker is, well, rather out of date.

WM Discover $1800, WF Plat 12k, Chase Freedom Siggy18k, Amex Plat (60k H/B), Citi AA EWMC 25k
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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

My NFCU cashRewards is $25,000 CL. It was my 2nd credit card (first was Capital One Platinum, $1,500). My credit scores at the time were mid-high 600's. I have a fair chunk of change in a NFCU account, and make decent money though, so that may have helped.

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

30k AMEX Delta. 22.5 Nationwide Visa (not quite 25k)


AMEX went from 7.5k to 20k to 30k on requested CLI's. Nationwide was just generous from the beginning.

Got my first AMEX card in1993 so I've been a member for 20 years. However the Delta was opened in 2010.


FICO is currently 805. Down from 813. Income is decent.

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

Citi 25k , started with 6k cl in 2007 and reached 25 k in 2012.

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

I have two 25K cards - Ameriprise World MC and a JP Morgan Select Visa.  Both were post financial meltdown, and both had the 25K limit when I applied.  I haven't asked for a CLI on either because I really don't need it, although I'm confident I could get it.  I have a Discover card at 24K, which I've had since 1986, and several others at 20K and 15K.  My lowest limit card is Walmart Discover at 7.5K, which I only got for the TU FICO score. My income is around 200K, and my scores are in my signature.

EQ Fico 8 - 846
TU Fico 8 - 848
EX Fico 8 - 836
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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!




Smiley Happy

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

Chase Freedom $ 50,500 BOF A Rewards World MC $52,500 Merrill Lynch $45,400  Have 4 other cards at $25,000Smiley Very Happy Scores TU 804 EQ 801

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

An email posted From 2008 08-06-2008 08:04 AM Remarks: After reviewing the positive manner in which you have maintained your credit history, we're pleased to inform you that your credit line has been raised to $50500, which is greater than the $34500 credit line you requested. You qualified for a greater amount due to your positive credit history, and we hope you enjoy the additional flexibility. If you'd like your credit line lowered to an amount you find more suitable for your needs, please log on to your account and e-mail us your desired credit line, or call Customer Service directly at the number listed below. We will be happy to process your request. If you have any further questions, please reply using the Secure Message Center. Thank You, Ben Benavidez E-mail Customer Service Representative _________________ TransUnion 786 Date: 7/24/2008 Equifax 807 Date: 7/24/2008 Experian 792 Date 7/24/2008
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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

My United Club card is 25k. It started out as 18k when approved, and was auto-CLIed after 3 months. I ran about 30k through it during that time period. My scores are in my signature.

EX 798, EQ 789, TU 784
American Express Platinum (NPSL) || Bank of America Privileges with Travel Rewards Visa Signature - $23,200 CL
Barclays American Airlines Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard - $20,000 CL || Chase IHG Rewards World Mastercard - $25,000 CL
Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature - $12,700 CL || Chase United MileagePlus Club World Elite MasterCard - $26,500 CL
Citibank Hilton Reserve Visa Signature - $20,000 CL || J.P. Morgan Ritz Carlton Visa Signature - $23,500 CL
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