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<Called Again>Experience with Cap1 Executive Office

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Re: Experience with Cap1 Executive Office

I've had a Cap1 card for six years at 1300$. No cli for FOUR years, and I always get denied cli. Regardless of the "influx" of people calling in, Crapital One needs to GET REAL!!!!! I hope people continue calling and haggling them as they need a rude awakening. Free markets+capitalism=success Any objections?? Eh.
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Re: Experience with Cap1 Executive Office

LS2982 wrote:

If I had to take a wild guess it was probably people calling in being rude and people calling with a fresh out the gate account demanding CLI's that did it in for the people that should be taking advantage of that line.



We all called it once that thread blew up with the number. It is still on the first page most days of the week, and its like 30 pages now Smiley Tongue 


Oh well, stuff happens Smiley Very Happy I'm just hoping by the time I'm actually deserving of a CLI their policies will have been sorted out ...Maybe I should've just called the exec office demanding a CLI on my already high (by cap1 standards) limit account after having it for a whole 3 months Smiley Tongue 

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