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macy's GLI on steroids

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macy's GLI on steroids

4k 3 mos GLI.


that's 4xs any previously awarded gli and no big change in purchases, payments or cbr that i could easily id.


i had been on a roll and v. happy with the 700 dollar increases that seem to come regularly every 3 mos.  this one was really quite a shock, since i was half sure i would be told that i had to wait 6 mos.



DCU EQ 5.0, Citi EQ 08 Bankcard, PenFed EX NG2
EX 08: AFCU, Amex, Chase, PSECU EX 98(?)
TU 08: Barclays, Discover
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Re: macy's GLI on steroids

Congratulations, what was your cl before this major one, I am done for a cli around the 17th of this month I am at $2,500 now I hope and get a large increase like you.  Congratulations once again

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Current Score: EQ 693TU 08 729 EX 08 738Need to Garden/New Accounts
Goal Score: 800
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Re: macy's GLI on steroids

Cheers on that CLI. It inspired me to call Macy's myself. Haven't gotten a CLI since about May or June of 2008 and that was from $600 -> $2500 and they gave my $700 today to $3200. 

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