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managing my credit cards

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managing my credit cards

I started out a couple months ago with two credit cards. Recently I was approved for 3 more. I am looking for recommendations on how to use them to build my credit and which ones should take higher priority. I also want to try for CLIs on them when possible. Here are the cards I have with their limits:

DCU $1000
NFCU cash rewards $1600
Capital One $300
Chase Amazon Prime Rewards $500
Amazon Prime store card $800

I only want to use the cards for purchases I am already planning on making then pay them off right away. The Amazon cards I will use mostly for Amazon purchases but which one should I give priority to? Also any information for how to get CLIs on these cards would be useful.
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Re: managing my credit cards

Hi jg
My suggestions due to your CL limits and keeping spend so that maximm reporting is less than 10%:
*NFCU - groceries/restaurants
*DCU - entertainment, movies, etc.
* CapI - Something small & recurring, ex. Hulu/Netflix

Hope this gets you started and on your way to growing FICO scores. Good luck.

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Re: managing my credit cards

Personally, I would put the Amazon store card ahead of the Chase Amazon. Better rewards on the store card, and optional 0% financing on large purchases.

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Re: managing my credit cards

If you have Prime, there is no difference in cash back between the store card and the Chase prime card. Both are now 5%.


If you want to finance something at 0% the store card is the way to go. Reality is it will actually cost you the 5% discount to use their 0% offer.

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Re: managing my credit cards

DCU may take time to grow

NFCU - plenty of threads on how to grow, it may explode your limit for you

Cap1 - looks like a credit steps card. you can get a CLI possibly after 60-70 days, almost definitely before your step increase, will also get credit steps, and can then try every 6 months to grow

Chase Amazon - don't look for growth

Amazon - I believe is Synchrony backed; could get huge growth here as well


Nurture what you have and they should help you utility go up along with your scores

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