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marriot rewards premier credit card

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marriot rewards premier credit card

Just applied for MRPCC they gave me a 5000 dolloar limit. Is it good to have a high limit.? And how will this affect my score. Please I need advice on building great credit
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Re: marriot rewards premier credit card

have you pulled your reports from here yet? 


having a 5k credit card is a good sign depending on your other cards. 

they dont just give those away Smiley Wink 


what do your other accounts look like? utility? aaoa? etc... 


the negative score gained from the inq will recover in a year and the new account ding is about 6 months. 

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Re: marriot rewards premier credit card

I only have one other card from capitol one and I pay that in full every month. I got a Amex freen card like a month and a half ago. But I appled for this Marriott card so I can have a big revolving card on my crdit reports. Right now I have a 707 with equifax and a 658 with transunion. Idk what my experian score is. And all my bills or paid on time.
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Re: marriot rewards premier credit card

I think the minimum credit limit on that card is $5,000. 


It is definitely good to have high limits. It will give you a better chance to have limits in the future as long as you continue paying your bills on time. 

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