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may i have your opinion?? LONG

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may i have your opinion?? LONG as you probably know by now, im just getting started on rebuilding my credit.  when i turned 18 i applied for, and maxed out, every CC i could get my hands on.. Smiley Mad  i am now trying to get things straightened out.
i have learned SO MUCH on this forum--thank you all SO VERY MUCH!!!!!! 
i have a car payment that is through CitiFinancial Auto which has one 30 on it--DH lost his job...
  but is currently "current" status on my CR
i have a Lane Bryant CC that has a few lates on it--also same time DH lost job...due to all of the fees
  it went over the limit and i havent been able to get it down.  i am going to be paying it down all the
  way next week when it is due.  but im not going to close it bc ive had it for a year.
i have a capital one that has a $300 CL.  it is at about $250 right now and i plan on paying it down to
  about$150 or so this month.  had this one for a little over a year...plan on keeping this one, too for
  the TL, etc...and, why not i guess.
i got a crown jewelers account that i made a piddly little purchase on.  (will probably let it close in
  six months, depending on how it goes)
i am getting in the mail any day my 99/500 from BOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!
Just got approved for both a Tribute ($300CL) and a First Premier (unknown CL)  i plan on kinda
  making little purchases on these and PIF (like really, really small purchases.)
my FICOs are in the low and mid 500s.  please tell me im on my way if i treat these cards well!!  should i cloes out either the tribute or FP once my BOA goes unsecured all the way??  (and, it will!!!!!!  Smiley Very Happy)  it took a while to even get to this point.  right before last year when i got my car, Cap1 and LB, i wasnt able to get any sort of CC.  for the last three months we have been making ALL of our payments on time/early and plan to contiue.  will paying down the Lane B card to zero help a lot since it is OTL??   
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Re: may i have your opinion?? LONG

Congratulations Cinderella,
We all know how long it takes to rebuild,but you are well on your way.  When my BF and I first got
together his scores were in the mid 500's.....he's up to the mid to upper 600's now.Smiley Happy
IMO unless the cards you have now are charging high AF I would keep them just for history.  I'm sorry now that I closed the small limit ones I had from the mid 80's because it would have helped my history a lot.  But who knew back then that the whole world revolved around your  FICO   score??Smiley Surprised 
Keep on paying everything on time and if you even think something might be late call and talk to your creditors, most of them are willing to work with you if you are honest and pleasant.
Best of luck and keep us updated on your progress.  You have lots of help and friends here.
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