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my CSP is late!

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Re: my CSP is late!

Cageym wrote:

I love seeing people complain about cards being late when it's only been a couple of days. I live on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and another member lives on Kwajalien I thik it is. We have both waited over a month, I waited six weeks to get a card once. So chill, it will show up. LOL!

Oh man & I thought i had it bad in Alaska.

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Re: my CSP is late!

On average we get mail one day a week. And it has to come from Yakota AFB so if they don't have a working plane we have no mail. LOL

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Re: my CSP is late!

My point was also that there does seem to be a difference between the Freedom CS and the CSP customer service, if they hadn't told me it would be here Friday, and just said the regular 7-10 days I wouldnt have made this thread

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