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need a suggesstion

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need a suggesstion

i have 17 credit cards this was due to the fact that i was not have credit history from the bigging ,and now i,ve got this  credit cards chase which gave me $10000 wells gave 10000 and BA gave me 10000 too and i,ve got this cards hsbc,2 of them with cr limit 500 each and capital one 2000 and another one is 500 and anoth wells with limit of  3000 and i,ve got discover too with 1000 and citi 1000and macy is 2500 and auto loan of 10000 remaning balance and wells line of credit for 4800 which i,m paying on and walmart card 5000 and another orchard bank  for 300  and another hsbc 300 and total visa card for 300 limit .my point is a good advice to cancel  all those cards with low cr limit and keep the high ones.any sugestion?
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Re: need a suggesstion

Close cards that have fees or get fees waived.

Only close accounts that are costing you $.
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