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nfcu cli request

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nfcu cli request

I've got the nrewards card, had it since Sep 2012 and started at $500 limit. Now up to 5000. I've tried to get an increase twice in a month and it says my income isn't sufficient enough for what I requested, $7500. I'm putting income at 31k, with no monthly rent, so how is that not enough?! Is there a way to find out what the requirement is? I'm starting a second job and have a marketing business so my income is going up.
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Re: nfcu cli request

This happened to me a while ago as well.  I called in to ask specifically why my request was declined and  if I remember correctly NFCU has a cap for each individual and it's mostly based on income combined with credit score.  It doesn't mean you won't qualify for other credit with them.  More importantly just a few months after they declined my CLI request, I requested an even higher CLI and was approved.  My income was the same but my credit score had increased about 30 points.


Stay encouraged.

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