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Re: nfcu

wmarat - you are HARDLY a poor immigrant.  You have the highest CLs of anyone on this board!!!!! Smiley Happy
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Re: nfcu

Alliant it is!
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Re: nfcu

wmarat wrote:

1. Good idea to close BOA.


2. Would you like temporarily adopt me Smiley Very Happy (how poor immigrant can get in NFCU?)


If you'll share some of your CL's with me. LOL  Come on Son, I'll help you out.
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Re: nfcu

txjohn wrote:

depending on the nature of your derogs....a 630 with adequate income to justify will get a CC unsecured with NFCU.  What other TL's and open accounts do you have?  What kind of reported debt do you have?  What derogs do you have and how recent?


Putting money with NFCU helps.  Putting a direct deposit helps even more.


But, there are many who had 620-660 scores who were approved for unsecured CC....some even for 2 (Visa and MC).


NFCU is about as good as it gets for a creditor who will work with you.  PSECU is another, if you can qualify.




I have 5 open TL's all in good standing. I have a few derogs that will age off next year. I may just wait to be on the safe side. I still plan on making them my 2nd bank. I like to have one bank local, just in case. Direct deposit will be my next move.  
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