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Re: nordies

and that was for a cli not for a new newest acct is 6 months old that number was for equifax..tu i think i have 3 and experian about 5 all over a 2 yr period with some of them scheduled to drop this year.
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Re: nordies

I just feel like you could talk your way around inquiries if you talked to a live rep if the application happen to be declined.
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Re: nordies

Just want to point out to everyone that it only matters how many inqs you have on the report which is pulled.

So if EQ is pulled (and my understanding is that Nordie's commonly pulls EQ), they will only see your EQ inqs. Same for the other two. Now if you app with someone like Cap One, who typically pulls all three, they will see them all. Obviously, any bureau will see new accounts which report to them, whether the inq came from them or not.


Oh, and to add: remember that inqs only affect your FICO score for one year, but they display on your full reports for two years. Whether or not a lender is bothered by a 15-month-old inq is pretty random, but just remember that they will see those inqs from month 13 - month 24, even if they're not counted against you for scoring, and if they don't show on your myFICO reports.
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