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not being charged interest

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Re: not being charged interest

@mt2va wrote:

I think every is missing the point that I clearly made that I did not in fact PIF these 2 cards and have been carrying a small balance for a couple months and will continue to carry a balance until probably July.  (yes I know that's bad but it is what it is)  I'm well aware if I pay before the due date I won't be charged interest and I'm well aware of how the grace period works.  My question had to do with 2 different card issuers that I've had balances with since about January didn't charge me interest and just curious if someone else ever had this happen.  Obviously I'm happy they didn't but was a bit puzzled about it. 

You don't have to PIF and can always carry a balance and still not be charged interest. If you are saying you had like a $500 charge in January and have only paid minimums since then, you should be charged some interest since you have been continuously carrying the balance of a charge across statement periods.

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