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Re: penfed

The PenFed VISA Platinum Cash Rewards card is a GREAT card. Getting one with a $10K CL was an excellent move by me. I got the SO a membership with them and had her apply for the card and she got an instant approval for the $10K CL she asked for, PLUS a $35K auto loan she didn't ask for. They seem to have a bar you have to get over. If you don't you're out. If you do they treat you very, very well. If keeping the problem accounts down allows them to put a card out there like their PCRs card I approve. I am off to a great start with PenFed and intend to grow with them. When I need to finance another car I am pretty sure they'll get the business. BTW, I have moved deposited money into accounts there.
Did you note:
"Navy is classified as a military credit union."
Site also gives you information regarding the size in membership and deposits of all CU's. I was surprised to find that the local credit union I am a member of, EFFCU, is as large as it is. For such a large institution they sure have some backwards practices. I have belonged to a CU since I was 14 years old and am a firm believer. When I was striving to emerge from my credit doldrums EFFCU took me in as a member and gave me an auto loan at an O.K. (not great) rate. But they did give me a loan with an unsatisfied PR showing (judgement, since deleted). All of my other recent success stems from that event.
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Re: penfed

I did see that about Navy, which makes sense to me, as it started out very much as a uniformed services CU. If USAA were a credit union, I would expect it also to be classified as military, even though they dance back and forth with changing membership criteria.

That's an amazing site. I need to remember to start citing it when I recommend to people that they shop around at their in-town CU's to see who might give them a helping hand.
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Re: penfed

Glad I could help out with that! While some of my posts run a little on the tough love side (some read: cranky!) I am always happy to contribute, particularly hard data, when I can. I think I got that from CB. Amazing what you can learn on the internet. At night I augment my income playing o/l poker with one eye and augment my finances by reading forum posts with the other eye. I have done well with both programs. The money I deposited at PenFed is pure poker profit... Smiley Wink
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