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Re: personal LOC

I went back and checked my inquiries.  Actually there were only 4 in the last 12 months.  One was an auto loan on the samy day,2 pulled credit, did not buy car after all. One was a mortgage refinance, one was for a LOC that I did not go through with because the rate was too high, and then one was with the LOC I got for $ 5K with Wells Fargo and Wells pulled 2 inquiries, one when I opened the LOC and one when I opened the checking account they said I had to have to have the LOC

So of the 4, only one resulted in new credit.  So my ducks are probably more in a row than I originally thought. :smileywink:

AAoA- 6 years, Income $ 120k, uitlization - 8%.


EQ- 797


TU- 773

EX- 736 Lender pull.

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