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Re: psecu.

Yes. They seem like an amazing cu.
On my phone apologies for the errors.

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Re: psecu.

Chaos122 wrote:

congrats to the op on his approval, psecu is great they are my fav cu.  for those who get declined dont get discouraged just keep working on it.  I was declined 2 or 3 times over a year and a half before i was eventually approved. They kept declining me for too many inquiries and new accounts so I went into the garden just for them and apped when everything had aged off, approved with no problems.


Im in the garden now for USAA, no apps till november, then USAA is MINE! lol.  USAA is the last card on my list and will be my last app for a long time.



Welp, in that case, I'll likely be denied next year too. I'm definitely apping for at least 2 cards and an auto loan this year. Maybe I'll try again in 2015.

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Re: psecu.

Honestly I have found anything past 660 they are flexible. I have gotten every single thing I have applied for with them. They are awesome!! If you have perfect credit with no baddies you are fine.


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