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question about AMEX backdating

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question about AMEX backdating

I applied for an American Express CC back in 2005 and was approved but I closed the account at the end of 2005. Just recently I decided to get another AME CC. When I received my BCE card two months ago it says on the card "member since '11", is there a way for them to change the age of this account to reflect the one I closed in 2005?

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Re: question about AMEX backdating

The simple answer is yes.


I just had my AMEX backdated and all you have to do is call customer service and they will do it.


Once done, when you log on to your AMEX account you will see it say 'Member since 2005'


They will also send you new card reflecting member since 2005.

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Re: question about AMEX backdating

holy, that's so awesome!

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Re: question about AMEX backdating

It was fairly easy to do as the previous poster stated. My scores went up quite a bit. Amex backdated two of my cards about three years ago. Both cards on my reports show open dates of 1988 instead of 2006 and 2007. My scores went up quite a bit. Good luck!

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