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"App. Spree" No Way! """CLI Spree""" Now that's the way!!


"App. Spree" No Way! """CLI Spree""" Now that's the way!!

Its been a good year for my credit so far. I was credit gardening got bored and did a little spreeing.

That's Credit Limit Increase spree.


Amex instant approval from 2900 to 5000   wow this is great what more can I get. yes I got greedy so I kept on.

Barclay MC approval cost **hard inquiry** (my best card) from 5000 to 10000  wow this is great what more can I get  yes greed was kicking in harder.

BOA signature card instant approval (unfortunately it doesn't report to the credit  limit) from 12900 to 15000 man this is great yes I'm sick with greed can I try one more time?

My Credit Union visa instant I logged on and wow is was there  great from 13825 to 15325

Chase old Flex card cost**hard inquiry** from 4000 to 5000 OK this was great starting really  well can't wait to see my fico score now.


So the not so good (There always one) I called nationwide to see if they reduce my apr from 11.24 to 7.24

spoke to CR see said it done in the beginning when apping and automatically it would be in the statement but there wasn't any thing she could do at this time  sounds funny but I'll call again....  


Something I learned 

1. When possible use your existing credit card to get cli instead of app for new credit

2. When apping for new credit get Credit card that has a future. Don't chase points 

Really did work for me..


Thank You  myFico members(you guys-and girls)

Starting Score: 760
Current Score: 760
Goal Score: 800

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Re: "App. Spree"

Regarding hard inquiries:   The Barclay increase was FANTASTIC.  A hard inquiry for something like that is doable.  As long as they don't turn schizo on you as they have with many others, it's great.  But that was a great deal.


Chase...........    the Chase increase was insulting, to me.  Smiley Sad  I'd rather take the Average Age of Accounts hit, if there was a guarantee of a higher CLI on a new card than the pitiful 1000 increase on a 4000 card that Chase gave, because AAOA will take care of itself.   If not taking an Average Age of Account hit is important, I wouldn't ask Chase for an increase if it meant a hard pull.  But if you're happy, then it's a great deal, because you know your needs and your thresholds better than anyone.


I wonder what's different about you that you have to ask for a hard pull, where so many women around here say they get automatic increases?

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