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CS800 wrote:

Congrats !!


I love Chase. One of my hoghest CL is with them.

Thanks, CS800.


Can't help but snicker at your typo above - I've got to stop apping before I become a credit hog! Smiley Happy

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TNTransplant wrote:

Koop10010 wrote:

TNTransplant wrote:

One more question (not that it really matters, but I'm just curious)...


Is the CSP a Mastercard or Visa, or is it just luck of the draw on which one you get?

It can be either one.  It tends to default to Visa though if you just apply from the Chase website.  If you want a MasterCard you can either apply through the MasterCard website (like I did) or call and request a MasterCard version after approval.

Thanks, koop.  I went through the Chase website, so I imagine I will get the Visa.


One thing that I really liked about the card was the No Foreign Transfer fees.  Does anyone know if Visa/Mastercard is more preferred when traveling out of the country?

I think MasterCard has a slight edge over Visa as far as overall international acceptance.

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+1 & Congrats, OP! That's an awesome limit!

tinuviel wrote:

Congratulations! That's a great approval, and I hope that you enjoy your new card. Also, I wanted to state that I really appeciate your attitude. Many of us here, including myself, have made mistakes with our credit. Instead of blaming the lending institution, you've learned from the experience and have improved your credit behavior, which has led you back into Chase's good graces. I take my hat off to you!



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