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"I am Shocked"


"I am Shocked"

I called Orchard(HSBC) three weeks ago and asked was there any reason why CLI's were not being considered at this time, and they gave me the old "We're going threw changes at this time and noone is up for CLI's" statement. I told them that I have been a card holder for 4 years with one increase so far and I was considering closing this account before the annual fee hits me in October. I check my account yesterday and there's a $200 increase. Woohoooooo!   Smiley Very Happy

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Re: "I am Shocked"

Not bad. What was your old limit?

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Re: "I am Shocked"

Congrats! I also got a $200 increase from them --

I called about 2 or 3 weeks ago asking about the CLI- they gave me the script so I asked for the AF to be waived. Guy said my account was in good order so he would waive the fee. I got an alert yesterday saying my CL was increased by $200.... I almost fell from my chair, lol

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Re: "I am Shocked"

They apparently have occasionally allowed automatic CLIs, but not customer-initiated CLIs.

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Re: "I am Shocked"

I sent them a message online thru their website asking about a CLI and received the following response:


"We are writing to you in response to your inquiry regarding your Account 
ending in xxxx issued by HSBC Bank Nevada N.A.

We apologize for any inconvenience regarding your credit limit increase
request.  At this time, HSBC has made a business decision to not grant credit
limit increases.  We appreciate your loyalty and want to assure you that this
decision was not the result of your individual account standing.

You are welcome to check back with us periodically for the availability of
credit limit increase requests in the near future.

You are important to us and we appreciate your business."

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Re: "I am Shocked"

stan_the_man wrote:

They apparently have occasionally allowed automatic CLIs, but not customer-initiated CLIs.

I submit they're just stupid.


I was literally this close to closing them and I told them so in an email - got really tired of their fraud alert service flagging valid transactions for no reason in addition to the lack of increases - at this point it's my lowest credit limit where at one point it was my third highest.  I had to use it like three times as I was out of money.  Tried using it at some other store and got declined.  Next thing I know I started getting the voicemails from the not-quite-American call center saying they wanted to verify "suspicous activity" on my account.  Not sure how McDonalds, Best Buy and Shell are suspicious...but whatever.  I fired off an email telling them I was sick of it, and the card was getting paid off and closed immediately.


  They emailed me back and basically said "we don't know what you're talking about, your account is great and ready to use!!"  Verified this by charging my FasTrak allocation on the card with no issues.  So I decided to keep it solely for that purpose - basically $80/month - and just keep paying it off and hardly ever use it otherwise.


Yesterday I logged into the account to verify the balance so I could pay it completely off, and noticed the credit limit had been increased by $200.  Never got an alert, never got an email, never got any notification.  Just slipped in there.  So now it's my fourth highest credit limit.  It got me wondering if HSBC just doesn't want to be last on the credit limits but doesn't want to be first, either?

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Re: "I am Shocked"

Seems like Orchard has been on a mini CLI spree judging from several recent threads...

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