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"You've Been Selected to Apply!" (AmEx Green card)


Re: "You've Been Selected to Apply!" (AmEx Green card)

Got the invited to apply thing in the mail a couple months back.  Went online and applied with the invitation code and was instantly approved for the Green card.  Pulled EX only and my score was 674...65K income.  I have 4 Collection Accounts reporting all from 5+ years ago. Everything else was good, a couple auto loans never late, both closed, and a handful of low limit rebuilder cards/store cards plus 1 card from my CU 3500 limit.  VERY surprised In the instant approval.

11/13 - EX 674 MyFico - EQ 660 MyFico - TU 675 WMart Fico

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Re: "You've Been Selected to Apply!" (AmEx Green card)

B335is wrote:

LearningMoreAboutCredit wrote:

B335is wrote:

I was approved for PRG with 656 - EX only pull.  I would personally go for the PRG due to the superior sign up bonus and downgrade once you hit a year to avoid AF.  Amex charge cards have same underwriting criteria.

Do you mind sharing your income when approved for PRG? I'm considering applying at the beginning of the new year for maximum backdating and downgrade before AF hits.

At the time $68k.  I had no pre-qualified offers and I remember it sat "in-progeress" for a few days.  Do you already have a card from Amex?

Yes, I have BCE and SPG...MSD '87 Smiley Very Happy

Any advice given is always YMMV...

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