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rebate debit card - use it as credit card payment?

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Re: rebate debit card - use it as credit card payment?

ajh5408 wrote:

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RyVision wrote:

Lithium78 is very correct on this, every rebate debit card I've ever received has stated in small print that it could not be used for cash or to make a credit card payment. 


Just so others looking at this thread know the answer.  If curious, the answer can be found in the small print of the rebate or attached paperwork with the card, if not there, on the website they reference to check the balance.


Wouldn't it be cheaper to Verizon and Citi to just print a check that I can take to the bank instead of printing all these legal documents and disclosures and printing a debit card (the debit card even has my name on it) ? There are a total of four separate documents.


Checks are cheaper, but the debit cards are harder and/or more inconvenient to run down to $0, so I'm sure they make a bundle on leftover balances that cardholders effectively forfeit. Smiley Happy

Bingo.  Verizon probably has a contract with the debit card provider in which they get a cut of the leftover money from those cards.  The best thing to do is use it for groceries or clothes shopping or something where you will use the entire amount in one go.

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