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reopening closed account as an AU?

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reopening closed account as an AU?

I was an AU on a Discover Card that my dad got for me 10 years ago.  He closed it 8 years ago (on good terms) and helped me to get the Visa card that I still have now, I converted the Visa to "all mine" when my father passed away 4 years ago.  That Discover card still shows on a couple of my credit reports.  Does anyone know if Discover would reopen that card for me so that I could benefit from the older tradeline, or am I crazy for even asking?
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Re: reopening closed account as an AU?

You could always try, but it's unlikely. I don't know that they would re-open with the old date for the true cardholder, much less for the AU.

I do remember a post that Discover had allowed an AU to convert to full at the death of the actual cardholder, but of course, the account was still open at that time, with the AU still on it.

It's worth a call. Although I know that many get annoyed by their product pitches, I have found Discover's CS to be up among the top few companies.
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