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Re: ring

bbb3601 wrote:

your current score is higher than mine when i apped. got 1k on recon and I have a bk from 06....not trying to talk you into it, but I would bet you would see an approval.  i was prepared to recon today and shocked i didnt have to.

hehe...i know thats not your intention...I have been hearing good results from people who recon with Barclays! The only reason i havent tried to apply yet is that i am waiting for Discover to grant me an auto CLI come next month (thats when my 6th statement will cut even though i have had the card since August). If they dont i am prepared for them to do a HP and matcy my WF secured card limit (since i have had that card over a year) or at least somthing close to that limit. Discover is known to pull EQ and/or TU so dont want a recent inquiry then...but then if Discover denies me thenl and i go apply Barclays after, they may not like the recent inquiry. Maybe i am being too paranoid!...Smiley Frustrated

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