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schizophrenic Sears MC balance transfer offer

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schizophrenic Sears MC balance transfer offer

A few weeks ago a balance transfer offer was available when I signed in to my Sears Mastercard account.


Today, I saw a reminder about this balance transfer offer on this website after I signed in. When I clicked on this reminder, this website says: "This service is not available for this account."


Is this website (mal)functioning this way for anyone else ?

Is a balance transfer now only available by calling Sears Mastercard ?
Is this offer not available to me anymore ?


Between now and when I saw the offer, I haven't acquired more debt -- instead I've been continuing to pay down my debt.

I didn't accept the offer at the time when I saw it because the timing was not right for me.

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Re: schizophrenic Sears MC balance transfer offer

Call the Customer Service Represenative.


Offers for Balance Transfer very from day to day.


I received offers via my account and the mail.


However, when I call, I sometimes receive a better offer.

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