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should I ask for credit card increase?

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should I ask for credit card increase?

I currently have a credit card with Navy Federal Credit Union with a 1000 dollar limit. i never use this card except for my monthly Phone charge (45 bucks). I'm thinking of asking for a limit increase since from what I understand that will improve my credit score. But i've also read that having more than one card will improve it too.

Which one should i do? ask for a increase or open up another card? or both? if i got another credit card i would only have my cable bill put on it so that I have most of the credit available.
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Re: should I ask for credit card increase?

If you only have 1 CC apply for another. Smiley Happy More would out weigh the one I think. 3 even better I think too. From there you can go for CLIs if you want.
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