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simmons first visa platinum credit card

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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

All they have is a low APR. The financial statement requirement for $10k makes the bank look smaller and can't handle the risk. On the other hand the app scares people away. Thats good and bad. Typing in more information and it being difficult to get good credit lines would make me hop to another site to apply with a competitor. I agree, nothing special is offered that I can see?

They might be a smaller bank and try to selectively find people that are less risk. They could put more energy to great customer service. But from an app point they probably are loosing business. But these days all banks need to be that picky. But the APR is low, and that is a good deal of their profits, so they need to be more picky I guess.

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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

Marvintran wrote:
Talk about an app for a credit card this is more like for a mortgage.  
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Actually this asks for MORE information than when my wife and I applied for our mortgage.


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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

TU for me in Maryland.

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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

My Discover More card is 5.9% and good rewards - great rewards if you use ShopDiscover...


I never quite got the cache of Simmons, the rate is very good, but not to die for... and as others have said - the app is ridiculously off-putting.




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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

Simmons First is know for its low 7.25% variable APR (used to be fixed); still one of the lowest out there.  There card is considered Uber Prime and their standards are set very high as to who they'll give a card to.  They tell you up front, don't bother to apply unless you have excellent credit.  And even then they sometimes still request that additional documents be sent to them to verify income. 


Yes, the application is as detailed as they come.  I definitely thought I was filling out a mortgage application .  However, the reason is that the bank uses this same detailed for for ALL line of credit applications, not just credit cards. 


5.9% Discover More is Excellent by the way (excuse me while I try to hide my jealousy...wish my Discover was that low).  The new Discover cards only go as low as 10.99% APR after the intro period ends.




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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

My Addison Avenue is


5.24% (prime plus 1.99) for purchase AND cash

no AF

NO FEES for BT or cash

3.99% BT promo (till 12/10),

acts as overdraft loc to checking

1% cashback reward on all purchases


While not the best reward on the market, for the APR, fee schedule and other perks, I think it is a great card.  And they gave me $15k initial CL (required 2 paystubs and 2008 w2)



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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

I was just approved for there card last week it offers very low fixed interest rates, I have had my AT&T Universal card for 20 years they decided to up the interest rate so am replacing this card with the Simmons Platinum card.

I found the card just doing a search which brought up I believe. I just completed the on line application which was very short.


My credit rating is in the good to excellent area I believe.


Transunion 787

Equifax 756

Experian 735


The card is being processed and takes 7-10 days to receive it. I am one happy camper getting away from the higher interest card. I usually pay the card off on a monthly basis but for those times it stretches into several months at least i am not getting killed with interest.


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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

I failed to add just as many have mentioned they pulled my credit report from TransUnion only. I guess that is the most comprehensive or for whatever reason they use this report exclusively.



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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

Congratulations on the approval! It sounds as though this card will work well for you.


What is the CL approval amount?

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Re: simmons first visa platinum credit card

I am waiting to get the card in the mail. My AT&T Universal card which I have had many years CL is 27K I did mention this on the credit app. There is no way I need that amount.

I would be happy with 7-10K on the card as I pay the balance in full most months, I should have the card this weekend since it has been slightly over a week since getting the approved notice from them.

I only have one credit card to my name although over the years I have had several but accounts were closed on all of them except the AT&T card.

I considered closing the AT&T card but believe it would do more harm than good on my CR. Will let you know when it finally arrives.





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