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New Contributor now what

Well, I have had a little success here and there..and some failures. 

Here are my cards:

Chase IHG  6500

Chase Amazon 6500

Chase Marriot 16,000

Chase Freedom 6,900

Chase Hyatt 30,000

Capital One Venture 5,000

Capital one QuickSilver 3000

Capital one spark 2150

Discover 5,200

Discover 4,700

Virgin 11,500

Fidelity 20,000

Citi Double Cash 50,000 (just increased from 25,000 to 50,000)

Citi Expedia 25,000

Barclays 15,000

Paypal 7,500  (increase 5,500 to 7,500)


Store Cards:

Bestbuy  25,000

Homedepot 25,000

Gap 3,600

JC penney 7,700

Walmart 3,500

Target 300

Amazon store card 3000


Citi has really shown me some love! I requested a CLI when my inital credit line was 25k, I tried to get the same credit increase on my Expedia dice.  I tried to get an increase on my Fidelity..but 20k is the highest I believe they will go. They sent me a letter saying two reasons for the denial, one potentially I am at the limit and the othe reason to many open accounts..both of those could be true. I can not get a CLI on my Capital One cards because I don't use them that much..I have a couple of things that charge every month..25.00 here and there..but they said I don't charge enough. Barclays said something similar althought they gave me a nice CLI a couple months ago to 15,000. I haven't check with Chase..truth be told..I never thought Citi would hook me up like that. Cit DC is my main card. My questionis ...should I still garden..should I still try to increase my limits? My total credit limit including store cards is 283,550..which is the most I have ever had. I really really want the Chase Saphire ..but since I opened so many cards..I would have to wait 2 years with out trying to open anything..I don't know..what are your thoughts?



Chase IHG-6,500 / Citi-Double Cash Back-25,000 / Discover-4,000 / Discover 4200 / Chase Freedom-6,900 / Chase Marriot 16,000 Capital One QuickSilver-3,500 / Capital One Venture-5,000 /Capital One Spark-2,000 / PayPal-2,500 / Target-300 / Walmart-3,000 / Home Depot-20,000 /JC Penny 5,000 / Barclays-15,000
Fidelity 20,000 / Bestbuy-25,000
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Re: now what

Yup, shoulds got the CSP/CSR first. Imo without the top tier card, the FU and Freedom are average cards.

My very first card was the CSP when i was 0/24.

And now im at 5/24, with my wallet filled with only cards that i use. Will get the IHG in March-ish, since its not affected by 5/24 rule.

I have the AMeX for the Delta flights that i cant get from URs, so im pretty much set. Disco for the SL cushion, Cap 1 and Wal as my oldest accounts.

As long as you have a plan, and not just applying for the hell of it. Thats all that counts.

Hope your cards are utilized properly OP

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Re: now what

I need some of your Citi tricks. 


I cant get them to raise my CL anymore with a SP. I have an 810 and put atleast 2k a month spend on it. I've been waiting and looking and still can't seem to get and luv from Citi. 


Maybe be I should just quit using it and see if they'll give me a CLI. It's by far my lowest

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Re: now what

Wow, nice diversity though i must admit feel for the little guy TargetSmiley Wink. Holy cow a 50k DC card, you gotta be related to Citi founder lolSmiley Happy. With credit like yours , you should have noproblems getting your Gap, Pennies, Amazon and Wally over 10kSmiley Wink. Are your Discover cards both its or one is Miles?. Again nice collection of cards, enjoy them:
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