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they cut my credit amount

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they cut my credit amount

i got a letter in the mail that stated sams club was cutting my credit limit from 500 tp 240???? i have never been late i have had the card for a year i have never gone over the limit

i think i am just mad they did that to me it took me almost 12 years to finally pay off all the crap my x huby left and get it i am sooo mad

do they have a right to do that

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Re: they cut my credit amount

 Some times computers do review. Call them and ask them to see if they can restore the CL, I have seen cases where it worked before.
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Re: they cut my credit amount

Here's the backdoor number from the stickied thread about backdoor numbers:



Give them a call and ask them to restore your limit.  Worst they can do is say no.

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Re: they cut my credit amount

Sorry to hear this happened to you!

A lot of banks are pulling back extended credit, and we're left dangling. It often has nothing to do with how well you've handled your credit.

Do you still have other cards? If you have balances on them, that might be catching other banks' eyes when they soft your credit reports.

With this economy, it's a rough world, and getting rougher.
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