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us bank

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Re: us bank

I'm looking to maybe app US Bank Platinum for the 15 mos 0% in a few months! My scores are low 700's now so def looks like I could get approved for a decent limit!
Marriott PR$25k | BCE $24.5K |BankAmericard Visa $25k| BOA Better Bal $17.5k |Wmt Discover $12.5k | BR Visa $17.5k | Amex Delta Gold $10k | Discover IT $10k | Paypal Extras MC $15k | Amazon Store $10k|Smile Gen $7.25k | Dillard's $10k | West Elm $4k| Express $3.05K | Visa $4.5k | Freedom Visa $1k| Amex Surpass $1k
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Re: us bank

I did have to sacrifice the remaining months of 0% apr when I switched the Platinum card to Cash+.


Goes without saying, really. But I said it anyways.

TU-8: 799 EX-8: 793 EQ-8: 763    EX-8 Bankcard: 818    
TU-9 Bankcard: 795 EQ-9: 821
   EX-98: 756 EQ-04: 755
Total $437,800
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Re: us bank

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
FinStar... What was your FICO when you got your US Bank card?

MyFICO scores hovered around 765 for TU and 780 on EX ((I think).  I haven't checked but I believe they pulled TU (I'm in the Midwest).  Of course, my scores may take a bit of a dip due to the recent aquired CCs... plus, now I have to keep an eye on them 3 Barclays cards...I read about your CLD earlier - glad they were able to reinstate though.

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