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usaa recon posibile?

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usaa recon posibile?

I was denied the USAA Amex and the reason was previoud delequincies, but the thing is all off my previous collection accounts have been paid, theyre all about 5yr old, I have a secured card with USAA and Cap1 for the past year so I was thinking and seeing if a recon would work. Does anyone have any experience with USAA recon? If it helps im a full member with chk,sav,auto ins, home ins and secured card with them already. Thanks!

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Re: usaa recon posibile?

yes recon is a good option.  I tried when I applied and she told me USAA wanted to see 2 years of solid history since a BK to consider an application.

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Re: usaa recon posibile?

Hey credit addict, thanks for the info. I was toying around with a letter that expains the situation, is that basicaly all I would have to do for a recon, or is there a special department/number I need to contact. I was just going to send a message via the site something like whts below.



Hello Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing requesting reconsideration of the denial of my recent USAA American Express credit card application.

It appears I was denied after my Equifax report was pulled. While the letter I received did not include specific reasons as to why I was denied, I would still like to go over the potentially negative information on my report.

High Inquiries:

I do have high credit inquiries at this time. Most of these are due to an auto lender shopping me around without my permission after I checked around to finance a vehicle, but as it turned out the dealer had my credit pulled with just about every finance they work with (causing the multiple inquiries).

Card Utilization:

I have zero utilization currently on my credit report. I am very big on paying at least 75% of my card every cycle, if not the whole balance.

Collection Account’s:


There are derogatory item’s on my Equifax report from back in 2004, but if you notice they are paid and at a zero balance. I’m just waiting for them to fall off at the 7-year mark. I also do have a reposition on a vehicle that I co-signed for a cousin but it has been settled and part of the agreement after final pay off was the trade line will be remove. I do have supporting document’s saying they will remove it; I’m just waiting for the credit reporting agencies to reflect it. I have disputed this with all three credit bureaus. I expect my report’s to reflect these changes within 30 days. I can provide copies of the pay off letter from Wachovia/Wells Fargo dealer services for proof.

I kindly ask for reconsideration of my application. With regards to the few satisfactory credit accounts recorded on my credit report, I have within the past year worked very hard towards building positive credit trade lines. Throughout my work towards it, I made timely payments to all creditors including USAA on my secured MasterCard account and my Capital One MasterCard account. Since then, I have kept up with all creditors and all accounts are current as I live up to my agreements. I strive and have worked numerous hard hours to improve my credit. And when I started 2 years ago I have attended finance rebuilding classes being Active Army, to get on top of finances and learn to properly work on them. Being 30 now I realized close to 5 years ago when I started working on my credit how important it is to have my report cleaned up, paid on time and current. I will not disappoint.


On my existing accounts, I currently carry no balance and credit limits, make on-time payments and now I would like to advance my relationship with USAA. I have had my USAA secured MasterCard for 11 months now, and it has helped improve my credit greatly!


In light of my few satisfactory credit references on my report, I would like to kindly ask that USAA would reconsider my application for the American Express card or at the least the Active Duty Master Card. On my accounts, I have always made on-time payments and paid at least 75% of my balance, if not in full every month. I have always taken care of USAA with my pre-existing accounts (from checking to savings, and the best my insurance) as I will continue to do with a new line of credit.


I appreciate you taking the time to reconsider my application. I hope my explanation clears things up so I can be another proud USAA American Express card holder and customer. I look forward to a favorable response from USAA. If you have further questions, please contact me by cell (xxx) xxx-xxxx, or by email at





My name

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Re: usaa recon posibile?

you can call USAA and ask to speak to underwriting and talk to them directly to have them review the credit while on the phone with you

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Re: usaa recon posibile?

ok that sounds the wat to go, thanks for the advice!!

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Re: usaa recon posibile?

Creditaddict wrote:

you can call USAA and ask to speak to underwriting and talk to them directly to have them review the credit while on the phone with you



That's the best way to go.  Folks there are generally really nice.  It doesn't mean they always will do what you ask, but at least they will explain their rationale and offer usefull suggestions.

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Re: usaa recon posibile?

OP:  Did you get a response to your recon?  What was the decision?

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Re: usaa recon possible?

Tazman81 wrote:

OP:  Did you get a response to your recon?  What was the decision?

I applied with USAA for the World Master Card over the phone and was denied (BK /04) So as I said thank you the rep said there was another offer;  we'd like to offer you the 'Platinum Master Card' and we can do that with $1000.00 CL to start, and after 12mo's the card is auto reviewed and based on payment history you'd be moved to (with your permission) to the World Master Card with a much higher CL and rewards.


I said 'I'LL TAKE IT"! and she said great, it's an offer they don't make very much at all (since the secured program) so I was lucky to get it.. but I suspect it may have some to do with the fact that my ins, check, sav, mutual fund, are there as well Smiley Very Happy   (checked my USAA account on line and it's already showing!!)


So I'll take care of this card and add it to the (two Rewards) I have with NFCU and keep them rolling until early 2013 before moving to something VERY nice! (gotta get the house first)


on another note, I called NFCU today to ask for my Secured Card (CL $500) to go 'Unsecured' and the rep said they would have to do a whole other pull on me for a new card and if I like I could closed the SC and transfer points to the new one 'if approved' I said no I'll keep that TL open and see what happens with the new app I did today. (I just need more than $500 from them (which is my CL on the CashRewards) to get me where I'd like to be for the next 2 1/2 years.


I'll let you know what happens.

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