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wait to become AU before CLI request?

wait to become AU before CLI request?

Wanting to become an AU on girlfriends Furniture Row Cap 1 card with 1,200 limit.


Should I do this before requesting a CLI on my Citi Simplicity?


The only reason I thought to do this is because I figured another free and clear card that I didn't app for,

with a 1,200 limit would DEFINITELY help my chances at getting the increase amount I want from Citi.


Any thoughts or does anyone know if these two things are related, credit wise?


1. Having a new limit would increase my available credit, lowering my util, increasing my score.

2. As a result of score increase, Citi grants CLI amount I'll request.


Something like that?

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Re: wait to become AU before CLI request?

You could just request your CLI and see what happens - I don't see a 1,200 CL changing much so long as your util% is below 10% when you request it with your current cards you should be fine depending on how fat a CLI your looking for.


You also have to wait if you do the AU deal - for it to report on your reports if it will. Which could take like 60 days. (I don't really know much about AU)

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