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walmart underwritting backdoor #?

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Re: walmart underwritting backdoor #?

I used 800-480-0205, and moved my CLI from 5-10K. YMMV.

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Re: walmart underwriting backdoor #?

And yes, I am sure that GE handles the underwriting for the walmart cards.

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Re: walmart underwriting backdoor #?

Do I need to sing a song about harmony and peace here?


Let's play nice!


Oh, and don't get me wrong, I love to sing.  I know I'm horrible at it, but I personally just don't care.  So straighten up, or I'll do it!


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Re: walmart underwriting backdoor #?

Thanks jagshere for the #.



I called and they combined the 2 limits and closed the second wm card. I had applied to get the disc. wm card as the rep told me to do. But come to find out they erroneously opened a second wm store card.....



Any way I am happy about them combining the 2. 



I will wait another year to see if they upgrade me.

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Re: walmart underwriting backdoor #?

I just called 877-379-8173 and was told that they can't recon any app already denied by the system and have to wait to get the letter in 7-10 days.  They also said I could reapply in 30 days by calling this number for their underwritting dept.....800-528-2334.  Not sure if a backdoor number or not.

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