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wamu cli

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Re: wamu cli

desifink....Im an old Providian customer since 2000 and WAMU since 2007. Both give me  auto increases regularly, the most recent from Providian two weeks ago for 1500.00. Maybe because I always pay in full?
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Re: wamu cli

Do you think paying in full would do it?  I always let it keep a small balance so they can make a little money off of me on interest.  Lol, I was hoping if I looked somewhat profitable, they would up it.

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Re: wamu cli

I have been paying mine in full for over 3.5 years now.  It started out with a $7000 credit line and that is just where it remains today.  I guess they dont like me.


They did send me balance transfer checks last week for 1.87%  good until 7/09 but still no CLI for me.

02/14/2009 EQ 797, EX 811, TU 805
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