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wells fargo

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Re: wells fargo

Timothy wrote:
I hate Wells Fargo.

I will leave it at that.

Humm, inquiring minds will like to know... lol
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Re: wells fargo

Yeah, I've sent 3 GW letters to Wells Fargo for late pays...should I expect no "Good Will"?  My mortgage late payment GW request was already rejected Smiley Mad
8/07: EX 453, EQ 457, TU 481
5/08: EX 599, EQ 581, TU 612
1/09: EX 653, EQ 601, TU 621
2/09: EX 675, EQ 619, TU 649
7/09: EX ?, EQ 630, TU 670
8/09: EX 701 (nexgen), EQ 675, TU 685
TU 694
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Re: wells fargo

with me wells fargo pull my  tu,eqand exp just for credit limit increase.but if you are good customer with them i think they regard you as important.
but mostly i think is exp.
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Re: wells fargo

MeganML84 wrote:
From the 4th dimension of He**....
Can you tell I hate Wells Fargo? Don't know who they pull normally, but they ILLEGALLY pulled a report of mine from Trans Union.

Thank you for the smile, Megan. Wells Fargo truly is a trip.

To the OP: John060675's answer is absolutely correct. No one can tell you whom any card issuer will pull 100% of the time, because those things are dependent upon where you live (among who knows what else). However, using the resources John references you can get a pretty good idea of who is currently pulling what in your area -- and whether they have changed.
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