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wffnb curious

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wffnb curious

Today must have been credit card day for me.   I got 2 offers and a couple car insurance things.   I got a "preapproved" from King Size (WFFNB) I guess because I just bought my father's Christmas present from there.   I have no need for it and won't app.  I also got a First Premier which made me laugh because I just closed them when I hit $525 CL and $18/mo AF.   It was too expensive.  FP offered $700 and a $1450/mo AF  LMAO  


Now I have a Cap One ($39 AF) and Orchard ($59 AF) and  a Kohls.


When does WFFNB usually start sending out offers?  This is my first from them.


Last month my scores were 676 and 674 on here.

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Re: wffnb curious

It is WFNNB.


Don't know if they send offers.   It has been posted, that if you have any WFNNB account and order something online from another store they handle, you may get an instant offer online when you checkout.  

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Re: wffnb curious

WFNNB will send pre-approval offers out and there both times I applied I got declined last year.  This year I applied for their Ambercrombie credit card and got the 7-10 message and within 10 days I recieved the card, but with only a $250 limit with no annual fee.  They also offer Victorias Secret credit card.

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