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what CC should I consider next?

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Re: what CC should I consider next?

creditwherecreditisdue wrote:
Sometimes it is best to wait. Time to withstand the urge to app and credit garden.

I agree....even tho I just apped yesterday!  Smiley Surprised



I knew they'd pull TU & it's my highest score & I miraculously have NO INQ's.

Starting Score: 02/2015 TU 709 - EQ 676 - EX 729
Current Score: 12/2017 TU 779 - EQ 779 - EX 782
Goal Score: 850

Bury me in the garden...last app 07.27.17

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Re: what CC should I consider next?

Don't app unless a card fits a specific gap in your credit profile. Rewards OR high CL OR some other specific benefit that you don't already have.

Apping for the sake of apping hurts your scores and AAoA, and in a year or two, you'll be wanting to close the eh cards. Trust me on this. Smiley Tongue
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