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what has happened to BP Visa?

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what has happened to BP Visa?

Was looking around various credit card websites & noticed you don't see it listed on any of them any more, and it's not even on Chase's website... also don't get much on it from Google.  It's a great card, and I still see apps at BP stations.  Is Chase planning to do away with it?  I hope not, as it's my second oldest (16.5 years) and primary card.


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Re: what has happened to BP Visa?

I just found the card on the BP website.

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Re: what has happened to BP Visa?

BP's brand name is tarnished and many BP stations have switched to other brands. Chase is probably doing the minimum required under their contract to be associated with this damaged brand.

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Re: what has happened to BP Visa?

At the very least, Chase would convert it to a new card, they won't close you out if they end new apps for that card.  


There's also the possibility of it continuing to exist without new apps, a la the Chase Best Buy card or the American Express Optima card.

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Re: what has happened to BP Visa?

I don't know if Chase acted on the bad PR about BP. I mean, look at their own bad PR. Smiley Very Happy


But they did dump a lot of their co-branded cards a year or so ago (Borders Visa, Starbucks Duetto, etc.), and perhaps the BP card was part of that.


If they still have the signs up at the BP stations, that seems like a good sign. But I don't know that I'd want to apply for one now...

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