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what should I do?


what should I do?

Experian and Equifax are reporting my name wrong. I read that variations in your name will no matter that much as long as it's not something dramatic.


They are reporting my name as 


T. Kelly

T. J. Kelly

T. Kellly

T. Null Kelly


when in fact my name is simply TJ Kelly, no middle name, just TJ KELLY!

When I asked them to remove the others they said that the majority of my creditors are reporting my name as T. Kelly. They said I would have to call all of them. I'm really afraid to call though, I don't want to bring anymore attention to my accounts due to the credit line increases. 


So should I leave it alone? 

Will it really not matter or will it hurt me in the long run? 



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Re: what should I do?

As long as you don't get any accounts of other persons into your file, it should be fine. They simply list all variations of your name that your creditors use, as they told you. I just have my name with and without middle initial listed. With a name like TJ, stuff like that is very likely to happen. People will always adjust what you write to match their expectations. If you don't catch that immediately, I guess you just get a nickname. But that's nothing to be worried about. You might have to list your aliases on your tax declaration, though.
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Re: what should I do?

Ditto. Don't worry about it so as long as it doesn't say a name that no where resembles yours.

Based on my EX report, and using John Alvin Doe as an example, I have John Doe, John A Doe, John Alvin Doe, John A Ddoe (like yours), John B Doe, and Doe John.
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Re: what should I do?

One of my reports, can't remember which one (but I want to blame Experian!), has variations of my name with my ex-boyfriend's last name!  I have NEVER used his name, or represented myself as being married.  I wish they wouldn't just do whatever they want with my name!
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