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when to check CR?

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when to check CR?

I paid off all my cc's and a bank loan on 2/20. Is it too soon to check new score?
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3/19/08: TU-649, EQ-676, EX-656
5/7/08: TU-653, EQ-651, EX-706
1/7/09: TU-659, EQ-667, EX-681 (but now I have my house!)
3/25/09: TU-675, EQ-668
New goal: new car
8/5/09: New car goal met. Developing new goals....
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Re: when to check CR?



My guess is that it is way too early to check for your new score.  Each one of these would need to be udpated with the new balance and the chance of that happening so soon are slim to none.  For example if any of you CC's report between now and the 20th of March you won't see it updated.  To be sure I would wait at least til the 20th.  Of course it's up to you though.

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