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Re: whgavemecredit

I had set up a database with much more info, etc. back in Oct. I had got suggestions as to what everyone wanted included. Barry had even given me permission to post a link to it in my siggy. It got like 45 entries, then slowly no one used it anymore. So I took off the link.


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See the original thread

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Re: whgavemecredit

ralbusta, I'd be happy to lend a hand reviving it if you want. We can always rely on a hand ful of mods and active users to gather the information during our communications and enter it into the db instead of expecting each user to do it themselves, it will also have a bit more consistency given we know what information needs to go where. Once we get it up and running and have enough statistical data, we can bring it back with Barry's permission and if its successfully maybe they will adopt it and make it a permanent part of the site. Just a suggestion.

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