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which citi forward card design is best?

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Re: which citi forward card design is best?

nyancat wrote:

When you request an EMV card for the Citi Forward, they'll switch you to the black and green design - so there's no sense in picking a design. I have two Citi Forward accounts (don't even ask...) - one I have the white and green with green stripe. The other I had the blue and pinks, but now have an EMV card. I'm going to wait my white and green card is so unique I'll wait until it's automatically issued as EMV probably, or until a meaningful number of US merchants accept EMV.

Good to know. I'm not planning any international travel, so I will probably hold off on requesting EMV as well. 

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Re: which citi forward card design is best?

They're a bad card to use for International Travel anyways. 3% F/x fee. My Citi Forward is a card I use for restaurants, books including Amazon, movies, and music. 4% net back when your points are used on Only 0.8% on other purchases. I use my Costco for gas and purchases at Costco (3% back on gas, only card I have accepted at Costco). I use my Capital One (1.5% back) for all other charges. And I'll be using my Discover More (just applied) for their rolling 5% categories when I get it. The Citi Forward has a purpose, but foreign travel or general use back home isn't it. I just got it in case I find myself in a bind where my Capital One and future Discover cards aren't accepted somewhere because I don't have a chip (Discover should get a chip soon I've heard, but in most countries other than the US, China, and Japan Discover isn't as widely accepted as Visa).

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Re: which citi forward card design is best?

you got it man. But never heard of anyone using BP, maybe there aren't that many BP pumps on east coast...

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