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which hotel card

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Re: which hotel card

Thinking of  SPG being my next card (but many months away) for the same reasons.  Mine would back date to '94, and we do the Disney thing often...building toward stays at the Swan or Dolphin on site would be nice. Currently, I use my CSP for travel purchases.


For now I have quelled my app bug, but thinking SPG will be my next card, too.

Glad you posted the question!  Smiley Happy


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Re: which hotel card

for some reason I cant figure out how to quote.

But as for canceling the citi card. It is pretty worthless for me. I keep wondering why the hell I applied for it. I guess I got caught up after reading this forum. I guess I could hold onto it and just pc it to a world elite aa card.

Problem is that I dont want all these different point systems. I would rather have things that could work together. Like chase cards that accumulate UR points and the Amex card that builds MR points. SPG is different since they can transfer to so many different programs.

I dont believe UR or MR can be transferred to American Airlines though? So that might defeat the purpose of getting the aa card
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Re: which hotel card



I can't quote either. ;-)


But read this link. It's very informative on this matter:

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Re: which hotel card

I think you should just go with a general no AF travel card if you are a life traveller.
However if you have 1 specific hotel chain that you absolutely go to everytime you travel, you can always get a no AF version of that hotel card. Not sure if its worth paying the annual fee for your case. You can always play around with the math and see how it works out
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Re: which hotel card

Hey thanks for the info guys and thanks for that link. These reward programs are so hard to follow. SPG deals with like 29 airlines while MR is 17 and UR is less.

I guess ill just stick with chase and amex  UR and MR. I just wanted to get an amex revolver so I can backdate.

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