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who can approve me

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who can approve me

I was wondering if anyone with a similar situation as mine can point me in the direction of where I could get a credit card. I plan on purchasing another car and wanted to get my score up right now I'm in the 630's so my loan would be 12-19% and thats too much.


I applied with chase and they said I had limited credit history.

which is true I've been paying on my current car loan for the past seven months.

and I have an open loan witch is only my car loan.


so if anyone can help me it would be greatly apprciated?


p.s. should I call different banks and apply?

should I ask my mother if I could be a Autherized User, and would this effect my score?

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Re: who can approve me

It would really help us tailor our advice if you could give us some more info.

How long (or short) is your credit history?

What are your EQ and TU FICO's? (FICO's specifically)

What baddies are on your reports?

Who has your car loan, and do they offer credit cards?

Becoming an authorized user on your mother's card would probably help, IF it's clean, if it reports a very low or $0 balance (this has to be the balance due on the statement, not the balance on the due date), if it's older than your current AAoA (average age of accounts), if it actually reports to the CRA's (not all AU cards do.) What card does she have?
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Re: who can approve me

thanks for the reply. credit history would start from april'09 8 months I think EQ is 622 my TU is 635

3. no baddies 

4. my loan is 18k now

5. she has chase and municipal credit union


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Re: who can approve me

Are you going to have 2 car loans? or are you trading the one you 18 g's on in?What kind of income do you have?

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Re: who can approve me

Im going to trade in my car. my income is 15k annually.higher soon.
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Re: who can approve me

Why are you trading your car? Is something wrong with it? $18K, nine months ago sounds like it should still be pretty decent. If I were you I'd keep it til paid off and that alone would boost your credit.
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Re: who can approve me

I underestimated the space in my car I need to hold more people and bags etc.


update I applied for BofA declined so now its 3 credit cards I applied for to no aprrovals. 

there's a credit union I'm going to apply for tomorrow hopefully I could get a secured credit card.

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