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will banks close my credit cards

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Re: will banks close my credit cards


mainemedic wrote:

Now that I'm about to go back to college full-time, I fear all 11 of my cards, except for Capital One, may get close for non-usage.  I have zero balances on all of them.  I don't want any credit card debt or bills while in college. 

I'm also an adult who is attending college this fall and I'm also concerned about my cards being closed for non-use.   I know you don't want any debt so if you use them will you be able to pay in full?   That is what I am going to do  although I'm not sure how it's going to work out with less than my usual income coming in but I'm certainly going to give it my best shot.

just don't spend as much!  be more conservative with your spending, & you should be fine.  good luck to us all!  (i'm a student too)


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