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world/ world elite mastercard questions.

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Re: world/ world elite mastercard questions.

creditnocash wrote:
Smiley Happy. And where is it from? Benefits you get etc...

It's the United Club card in my signature at the bottom. When I PCed from the old CO PP they let me keep it as a WEMC, but all new cards are only offered as a Visa Signature. WEMC benefits are found here: Chase/card specific benefits are found here: My card has access to both sets of benefits.
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Re: world/ world elite mastercard questions.

Thanks . Yeah I was looking At that and when I called mc they said it depends on the institution and what they offer. (Sorry can't see your sig since I'm on my phone)
I mean the banks not little by any means but it's no chase or anything
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Re: world/ world elite mastercard questions.

I have a chase sapphire preferred world MasterCard. I'm wondering all the benefits too. I also have a NFCU cash rewards visa signature. I called last week to use the concierge service. That's a cool feature. They will be buying tickets for me this Friday since ill be busy at work lol. If the world MasterCard works the same it would be nice.
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