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1 in 3 consumers fear they will max out a credit card

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Re: 1 in 3 consumers fear they will max out a credit card

So many concenring aspects within this aticle, but a couple of them are:


"(average household) coughing up about $1,140 a year in interest" 

Yikes that is scary!


"At the same time, credit card interest rates have never been higher, setting the stage for potential problems for those at-risk consumers.

The average card interest rate is currently at a record 17.41 percent"

Not even sure that to say about this.  If 17.41 is the average interest rate, that means a lot of people are paying much higher than that.  In some case, could take decades to pay it off!  I really feel bad for people in this category, as I was right there myself prior to 2012.  




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Re: 1 in 3 consumers fear they will max out a credit card

From the associated nerdwallet article:


"**The credit card debt figures in this chart represent revolving credit card balances — those that are carried from month to month — rather than all credit card balances. Total U.S. credit card outstanding debt stands at $944 billion, which includes both revolving and transacting balances"


Curious, in references:


  • Revolving and transacting bank-card balances, June 2018, via email from Experian.

And that is not linked anywhere.  I'm not going to say the data is wrong, but if I can't see the source color me skeptical: why the push from lenders to distinguish revolved vs. transacted balances if this is already been available for six + months?


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