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Amazon killed the department store - interesting charts and analysis


Re: Amazon killed the department store - interesting charts and analysis

MissingCalifornia wrote:

gdale6 wrote:

Interesting indeed and I killed Amazon when their hand came out for sales taxes in  my state that they have 0 presence in.

You are blaming Amazon for something your state legislature did?

Was just the final straw I have never found Amazon to be cost effective for what I purchase do much better on Ebay and on direct dealing websites.

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Re: Amazon killed the department store - interesting charts and analysis


    Walmart and Amazon will be around forever. They're both the most innovative companies out of all the online and physical store locations. They have great prices and will beat everyone else if you go to match except maybe for sales. At least in Walmart's case you can use 'Savings Catcher' and if a local store (maybe evan regional/online) has a lower price it'll put it on a Walmart/Sam's Gift Card. They really should advertise this feature more.


    With Walmart's expansion into grocery store only locations; they're putting a dent in regular local grocery store chain profits as well as the oddball stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar, Aldi's, Save A Lot etc. I'm not sure what Amazon's plan to get into physical locations is but it could be interesting to watch Amazon and Walmart compete for low prices and in the process even more stores will be closing down to these two competing.


    Now I do have an idea for stores such as JC Penney etc. Maye they shouldn't keep so much inventory in their actual stores and perhaps do what cell phone providers are doing and just be a demo store with all the sizes/brands they sell that people could just try on and not buy. And then if someone wants to purchase said product they just set it up in store to be delivered to them in 2-3 days from whatever distribution center/clothing warehouse nearby there is. Personally because of the way things are going with Amazon/Walmart, people are more willing to wait 2-3 days for clothing, oddball specialty stuff.


    I don't think grocery stores will ever change. I hate shopping but I do like going in to shop myself and picking out the produce, getting sandwich meat from deli, etc still. Walmart's new thing the online grocery shopping is pretty nice if you're a busy parent/have a maid. Walmart will shop the groceries for you and tell you when to pick them up.


     Honestly there's still a lot of room for innovation and if anyone is going to squeeze as much as they can out of said innovation it's going to be Amazon and Walmart. The other huge brands/stores will have to adapt or die. Sure a lot of jobs will go away but a lot will also be created from delivery, store employees, logistics etc. The robotics era is coming but it's still awhile away. I'm 34 now and I don't think my generation will have to worry too much about it affecting too much but I do worry about the younger generations before me.


    And as a consumer, right now is the BEST time to be alive. There's so much stuff out there where you can save money and if you take that saved money and possibly shove it into savings/money market/retirement; it'll add up quickly and contribute to your retirement. Cash back cards, churning CC/bank accounts, etc all play a role in this if people sit down and start tracking everything.


    Probably this summer I'll sit down and FINALLY track every penny I spend and every penny saved. I'll allocate it all and hopefully be able to contribute to my retirement a lot better than I have been. Consumers really do have it way easier in 2017.

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Re: Amazon killed the department store - interesting charts and analysis

I love Amazon.. I even get 1 day delivery on stuff now.. Movies, imo, better than Netflix and more of them. And then they added 20% off new games.. I order over 120 orders a year from them, multiple items in each order - and save a ton on shipping. Get older can suck but Amazon makes it easier..

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