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Amex customers targeted in Phishing attack

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Re: Amex customers targeted in Phishing attack

I get these in my junk email account constantly...  The same email I use when I don't want to give out an email, but don't have much of a choice.  My financials are handled through a secured email server that only my banking and lenders know of, and they have no clue of the junk email.


Either way, if something seems amiss or theirs some request for me to log in someplace, I always use the link I already have bookmarked.

Amex PRG (NPSL), Amex Blue Cash ($24K), Amex Simply Cash+ ($4K), Amex Business Cash ($22.5K), Discover ($22.7K), Cap 1 Union Plus MC ($2500), Chase FU Visa Sig ($12K), Chase F Visa Sig ($8.3K), Chase CSP Visa Sig($6.5K), FCB/Elan Rewards Visa Sig($15K), Buckle ($1.3K), BofA AAA Rewards ($84.5K), Paypal credit ($10K), BBVA Clearpoints ($7.5K), Cap 1 Savor ($10K), PenFed PCR ($3500), Bank of the West CB MC ($3K)
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