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Anyone ordered their Token yet?

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Re: Anyone ordered their Token yet?

I noticed their sold out now for the pre-orders and only taking email info for contact when the current orders are filled. That's a much better strategy than Plastc, who continued taking folks money/ pre-orders with no real progress.

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Re: Anyone ordered their Token yet?

Not too appealed by it. I am forgetful, and considering you will have to take this ring off for things (wash dishes, showers, food prep), I think I would end up losing it with all my stuff on it and no not good scenario. End up having to close out the account on it, monitor things....nope probably not good for me. I even take my current rings off at work just to give my hands a break from things spinning on my yeah...probably not for me lol.

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Re: Anyone ordered their Token yet?

Revelate wrote:

Well I would find a ring way more convenient than throwing my phone at things.


And I've never worn a ring, like ever.  Interesting gadget, I may give it a try just for novelty's sake.

I've had issues using my phone at places that supposedly accept it; I can only imagine what kinds of hassles one would have to deal with using this thing.


Anyway, I'm going to guess that they're going to need to have individual issuers get on board. Might be worth holding off on this until we know for sure who does. ("Visa and Mastercard" isn't enough, IMO.)

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