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Apple Unveils new Apple Card

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Re: Apple Unveils new Apple Card

The Daily rewards seems great, but don't know the requirements yet.

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Apple and Goldman CC update

Just announced by Goldman's CEO on CNBC.... a couple of months before launch

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Citi pulls out of negotiations to back the new Apple credit card


Evidently, the banks aren't seeing the terms of the Apple card as being profitable enough....

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Re: Citi pulls out of negotiations to back the new Apple credit card

TBH, I'm surprised that Apple hasn't already opened it's own finacial arm or CC network. 

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Re: Apple Unveils new Apple Card

Barclay wants to close my Apple card since I don't use it.  It would be funny after the close it they send me a pre approval for the new one.  I'll pass on both.

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Re: Apple Unveils new Apple Card

Barclays isn’t the underwriter for the new card.
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New Apple Card Details Leaked

New Apple Card Details Leaked: Required Credit Score and More


"Specifically, the source said that an Apple employee with a credit rating between 600 and 700 was approved with a credit limit of $1,000."

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Re: New Apple Card Details Leaked

Thanks for the link, that is a good read...   Smiley Happy

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Re: New Apple Card Details Leaked

If they keep those credit score requirements, they’re going to really attract a lot of people who would normally be forced to get secured cards or less rewarding cards with most lenders. Could be very disruptive indeed if they manage to make more money than they lose on defaults. I’m curious how much of the cost of this experiment Apple is going to have to hold up, there’s no way Goldman is going to take the loss with all of these no fee cards.
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Re: New Apple Card Details Leaked

Great info, thanks

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